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PsycArticles License

Has anyone negotiated a licensing agreement for PsycArticles from APA?

Our main concern with this license is with the limitations placed on ILL
services.  The license states that we can use PsycArticles for ILL, but we
must use print or facsimiles (which seems to exclude Ariel) and the ILL
department must send APA a list of all requests filled using PsycArticles.
Given our ILL operations, these limitations would, in essence, prevent us
from using PsycArticles to fill ILL requests.

We're in the process of asking for changes regarding these aspects of the
licensing agreement, but we would be interested in knowing about the
experience of others.  Thanks.  --brp

Billie Peterson-Lugo
Head, Library Outreach Services
Moody Memorial Library
PO Box 97143
Waco, TX 76798-7143