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Academic Press & international consortial announcements

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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001 17:0:53
From: ddecooman@acad.com
To: IDEAL World <ideal-world@lists.academicpress.com>
Subject: Newsletter Excerpts: IDEALWorld, 2001 - Issue 4

Following appear excerpts from IDEALWorld, 2001: Issue 4, now online in
PDF and HTML at <http://www.idealibrary.com/news/idworld.jsp>


The University of Amsterdam, Technical University Delft, Utrecht
University, Technical University Eindhoven, and University of Twente are
participating in the Dutch consortium UKB, and licensing IDEAL
(<http://www.idealibrary.com>). UKB stands for Samenwerkende Nederlandse
Wetenschappelijke Bibliotheken (Cooperating Dutch Research Libraries).

Swets Blackwell and the National and University Library of Iceland have
coordinated a multi-publisher license, delivering access to IDEAL and
other online resources to everyone with Web connectivity in Iceland - with
a population around 285,000.

Massey University and University of Waikato in New Zealand have joined the
IDEAL license for CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians), as
did New Zealand's University of Auckland earlier in 2001.

Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Russia have joined the list of IDEAL
licensees. The 208 Russian institutes in the RFBR (Russian Foundation for
Basic Research) consortium have signed an APPEAL following completion of a
one-year trial license with IDEAL.


Sudan, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia are
receiving IDEAL Charter licenses, and joining Senegal - the first country
to gain a charter license. The IDEAL Charter for Low-Income Countries is
Academic Press' philanthropic licensing program, offering the world's
poorest nations reduced-rate access to all IDEAL journals. To meet the
cost of a charter license, available directly from AP, nations including
Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia are working with
funding and support groups such as INASP (International Network for the
Availability of Scientific Publications). Independently signing an IDEAL
charter license is Khartoum University, sponsoring IDEAL access throughout


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