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Re: SSP eBook Seminar

I hope it is in order to mention to the list a piece of work complementary
to the concerns of this seminar, which is now available. The study was on
available on the site of the UK Publishers Association
[www.publishers.org.uk] who were the sponsors. I was concerned primarily
with scholars as authors not users and what the e-opportunities means for
the dissemination of research in the humanities. I am particularly keen on
using this important list as a way of communicating this information
because this whole project took me over a year and (at the request of many
whom I talked to) all the quotations and survey feedback is anonymous. It
is a huge task to alert all the people who did talk to me and I am only
just beginning.

Anthony Watkinson

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Subject: SSP eBook Seminar

> SSP eBook Seminar
> "e-Book Lessons: From Life-Cycle to User Experiences"
> The hype of e-book is settling down into a more rational set of
> discussions. This full-day seminar sponsored by the Society for Scholarly
> Publishing on Tuesday, October 23 in Waltham, MA, will provide
> participants with an opportunity to learn about the life cycle of digital
> books and how scholars and librarians are using e-books. The first part of
> the seminar will cover the life cycle of a digital book and its various
> implications to publishers. The second part of the seminar will offer
> views from scholars, librarians, and others who are using e-books on a
> regular basis. By presenting practical insights from various e-book
> stakeholders, this seminar provides members of the academic and
> professional publishing community--from researchers and authors to
> publishers, librarians, and aggregators--an opportunity to learn from
> colleagues who can speak from experience.
> Topics for the life cycle of a digital book discussion will include:
> -Life cycle of print/typeset works converted to digital
> -Life cycle of works "born digital"
> -Chain of files: formats from creation to user
> -Working with conversion partners
> -What digital rights solutions were considered & what was chosen
> -What options exist for content hosting and distribution
> -Where print-on-demand fits in the chain.
> Topics for the scholarly e-book users discussion will include:
> -How scholarly users are employing e-book devices on a daily basis
> -The impact of software, hardware, and digital rights management on
>  scholarly users
> -Initial findings on e-book adoption and usage by undergraduate and
>  graduate courses
> -When and how it's appropriate to introduce multimedia content into
>  scholarly work.
> This seminar will emphasize the e-book lessons learned through case
> studies, observations, and real-life experiences.
> Speakers featured in this seminar will include publishers, scholars,
> librarians, and vendors whose expertise and experiences with e-books bring
> to light useful applications and important implications that must be
> considered when making decisions on e-book strategies.
> Seminar Site: Massachusetts Medical Society
> 860 Winter St.
> Waltham, MA 02451
> To register for this event, go to the Society for Scholarly Publishing
> (SSP) web site at "http://www.sspnet.org". For more information on this
> seminar, email Ana Arias Terry at ana.terry@informedstrategies.com.
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