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SSP eBook Seminar

SSP eBook Seminar
"e-Book Lessons: From Life-Cycle to User Experiences"

The hype of e-book is settling down into a more rational set of
discussions. This full-day seminar sponsored by the Society for Scholarly
Publishing on Tuesday, October 23 in Waltham, MA, will provide
participants with an opportunity to learn about the life cycle of digital
books and how scholars and librarians are using e-books. The first part of
the seminar will cover the life cycle of a digital book and its various
implications to publishers. The second part of the seminar will offer
views from scholars, librarians, and others who are using e-books on a
regular basis. By presenting practical insights from various e-book
stakeholders, this seminar provides members of the academic and
professional publishing community--from researchers and authors to
publishers, librarians, and aggregators--an opportunity to learn from
colleagues who can speak from experience.

Topics for the life cycle of a digital book discussion will include:

-Life cycle of print/typeset works converted to digital
-Life cycle of works "born digital"
-Chain of files: formats from creation to user
-Working with conversion partners
-What digital rights solutions were considered & what was chosen
-What options exist for content hosting and distribution
-Where print-on-demand fits in the chain.

Topics for the scholarly e-book users discussion will include:

-How scholarly users are employing e-book devices on a daily basis
-The impact of software, hardware, and digital rights management on 
 scholarly users
-Initial findings on e-book adoption and usage by undergraduate and 
 graduate courses
-When and how it's appropriate to introduce multimedia content into 
 scholarly work.

This seminar will emphasize the e-book lessons learned through case
studies, observations, and real-life experiences.

Speakers featured in this seminar will include publishers, scholars,
librarians, and vendors whose expertise and experiences with e-books bring
to light useful applications and important implications that must be
considered when making decisions on e-book strategies.

Seminar Site:		Massachusetts Medical Society
			860 Winter St.
			Waltham, MA 02451

To register for this event, go to the Society for Scholarly Publishing
(SSP) web site at "http://www.sspnet.org". For more information on this
seminar, email Ana Arias Terry at ana.terry@informedstrategies.com.

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