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ALPSP Award Winners 2001

Attached below is an announcement of the winners of the Association of
Learned and Professional Society Publishers and Charlesworth Awards for

With thanks,

Suzy Fotheringham, Marketing Coordinator
Association of Learned and Professional Society
83 Albert Road, London N22 7AG Phone: 020 8888 4976
Email: marketing@alpsp.org
ALPSP Website: www.alpsp.org

Announcing the Winners of the 
ALPSP and ALPSP/Charlesworth Awards 2001

At the Annual Dinner of The Association of Learned and Professional
Society Publishers in London on 12 September, the winners of the
prestigious ALPSP and ALPSP/Charlesworth Awards were presented. There were
six award categories, five of them new this year, and each recognising
significant achievement in the field of learned and professional

The following awards were selected by a panel of independent experts from
over 100 international entries:

The ALPSP/Charlesworth Award for Learned Journals was won by Nature
Publishing Group for the Nature Reviews journals, which were considered
outstanding for elegance of typography and well-considered, clever design.  
Taylor and Francis were highly commended for their journal Performance
Research, as were Academic Press for The International Journal of Nautical
Archaeology (published for the Nautical Archaeological Society) and W B
Saunders for Paediatric Respiratory Reviews.

The ALPSP/Charlesworth Award for House/Membership Journals went to
Plantlife The Wild-Plant Conservation Charity for its magazine Plantlife,
which was notable for its very high quality design and production.  The
Society of Freelance Editors and Proofreaders was highly commended for
Copyright, and the Society for General Microbiology for Microbiology

The winner of the ALPSP Award for Publishing Innovation was CAB
International for its Crop Protection Compendium;  the panel were
impressed by the novelty and sophistication of this product.  The Journal
of High Energy Physics (International School for Advanced Studies) and
Clinical Evidence (BMJ Publishing Group) were both highly commended.

The ALPSP Award for Service to Not-for-Profit Publishing was won by the
Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC), whose
various initiatives have prompted re-examination of traditional approaches
to publishing and generated worthwhile debate and experimentation.

The winner of the ALPSP Award for Service to Publisher/Library Relations
was Karen Hunter from Elsevier Science.  Her depth of knowledge of the
needs of librarians and publishers is unrivalled, and she has championed
the dialogue between publishers and their librarian customers.  Sally
Morris, Secretary-General of ALPSP, was highly commended

The ALPSP Award for Service to ALPSP went to Michele Benjamin, the Editor
of ALPSP's journal Learned Publishing. The award recognises all Michele's
diverse activities for ALPSP, ranging from serving as a key member of
ALPSP Council and as Chair from 1994-6 to editing Learned Publishing.  
Pippa Smart, Blackwell Publishing, was highly commended.

ALPSP would like to thank all those who entered, and to encourage them and
others to enter in 2002.

Note for Editors

ALPSP represents the community of not-for-profit publishers and those who
work with them to disseminate academic and professional information.
Services include monitoring national and international issues and
representing members' interests to the wider world, as well as offering an
extensive programme of education, training and development. ALPSP has an
informative website www.alpsp.org and also publishes a quarterly journal,
Learned Publishing and an electronic newsletter, ALPSP Alert.

The Charlesworth Group is dedicated to serving the authors, researchers,
publishers and readers of scientific, academic and scholarly publications
worldwide. Charlesworth provides data capture and conversion, typesetting,
printing and electronic delivery for many leading learned societies,
professional institutions and commercial publishers.