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RE: ILL & Licensing questions

Hi Susan,

We're not using MARC to document ILL licensing details but we do have a
flag in our ejournals database
(http://mercury.lib.sfu.ca/cgi-bin/ejournals/EJDB?Display=BrowseForm) that
we set if a particular publisher (or other source) allows ILL. This flag
shows up as an "Allow ILL" icon in the public view of our database if the
user is sitting at one of our ILL lenders' workstations (i.e., the flag
shows if the user's machine has one of a list of specific staff IP

Very soon we're going to expand this mechanism to allow the lenders to see
administrative notes entered by our Ejournals Librarian that contain
particulars about the lending agreements for the various sources.


Mark Jordan
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On Sun, 4 Feb 2001, Susan J. Barnes wrote:

> Is anyone using the MARC format in keeping track of ILL information about
> e-journals?  For example, does anyone use the Lending Policy and
> Reproduction Policy fixed fields in the MARC serials holdings format,
> perhaps combined with one of the notes fields, for information about
> whether ILL is possible at all, whether ILL is OK from articles printed
> out, etc.?  (I realize the MARC holdings format is not widely implemented
> yet but I wonder whether the early adopters are using it this way?)
> Susan J. Barnes
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