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RE: ILL & Licensing questions

I'm wondering if a shared 'database' or web page of e-journal publisher
ILL policies would be a realistic thing to develop? It's true that many of
us negotiate slightly different terms into license agreements, but it
seems logical to believe that ILL practices *should* be consistent across
institutions from the same publisher. Shared data on this issue would
enable us to refer to and update common understandings. It sounds like we
are all individually trying to pick through the maze of what is/isn't
allowed. A simple 'yes' or 'no' to ILL usually isn't the full story. As
Don points out, some allow printed copies which can be faxed. Some allow
this for journals we purchase in paper, but may not allow it for formerly
unsubscribed e-journals we access as part of an entire package. Some
publishers allow ILL from electronic, but require extensive record keeping
that isn't part of the 'usual' print ILL workflow.

We have discussed the possibility of not maintaining print journals in the
same way when we have reliable electronic access. Possibly we may
discontinue binding, and other activities which allow us to go back to the
paper versions for ILL purposes, so use of the electronic version seems
increasingly important.

Carole Richter
Electronic Resources Coordinator
University of Notre Dame Libraries

At 08:46 PM 2/1/2001 EST, you wrote:
>Several months ago we started to keep a list of the ILL policies of
>e-journal publishers, at the request of our ILL staff.  The list indicates
>whether or not the publisher allows printed copies from e-journals to be
>used to fill requests, and if they allow us to send the article as a file.
>The ILL staff find the list useful as they process requests.  It seems that
>more of the publishers allow ILL use now.  
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