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Re: ILL & Licensing questions


We have made good progress on model licences in the UK and have largely
found publishers very co-operative, but ILL has been a difficult area for
us as for everybody. You can see the model licence we use for NESLI, our
national purchasing arrangement for electronic journals, at
www.nesli.ac.uk. On ILL, we have found that most publishers are prepared
to accept Ariel delivery after scanning from paper, and I would encourage
all librarians to look for that as a minimum provision in any licence your
institution signs. The use of Ariel poses no threat to publishers.

For true electronic delivery from an electronic source we are trying a
different approach, and that is to reach agreement with publishers for
electronic delivery from the publishers' server but at the low price UK
libraries currently pay for ILL. This solution will give publishers some
income for copies supplied from another library for which the publisher
receives no payment at present, and yet will be cheaper for libraries than
publishers' own document delivery services. The idea is also attractive to
publishers because they will know to which institution copies of articles
are being supplied, and attractive to libraries because of the speed of
delivery - hours rather than days. We are just starting to trial this
service in a project called EASY, Electronic Article SupplY. You can read
the document which led to the EASY project at

Good luck to everybody in finding solutions in this important area!

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At 16:43 01/02/01 EST, you wrote:

>2. How much trouble do you have renegotiating the terms of a licensing
>agreement if the original doesn't allow ILL?  I know of two cases where we
>were able to negotiate permission.  
>3.  Is anyone using model licenses with any success?
>I appreciate your help.  It's been a real eye-opener, looking over all our
>licensing agreements and seeing such a lack of uniformity of terms and
>restrictions! Obviously model licenses are needed.
>Janet Brennan Croft
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