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RE: Nature

At Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center we are considering purchasing
the Nature site licenses.  Can someone on the list tell me what sections
are missing from the institutional site licenses that are available to
individual subscribers?  Obviously the information that is missing is
enough to turn many institutions away.


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From: David Goodman [mailto:dgoodman@phoenix.Princeton.EDU]
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 3:23 PM
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Subject: Nature

It is absurd to expect an institution to buy access to part only of a
journal, and the other part coming months later. The relevant Princeton
selectors have decided unanimously that they will not buy under such
terms--not even the best scientific journal in the world, and that's what
Nature is.
We can expect to succeed in getting Nature to continue to be a responsible
scientific publisher and publish the entire content to all subscribers, if
they are unable to sell it on other terms.

I would hazard a guess that it Nature contrary to all probability actually
succeeds in selling this plan, other publishers are likely to follow. Then
full access to key journals will be available only to those who can afford
personal subscriptions. I do not think that's the purpose of academic
libraries--or any libraries.

David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library
dgoodman@princeton.edu            609-258-3235