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Re: Nature

If I were a librarian, I think I would be as unhappy as David is about the
nature of this licence. However as a former publisher I would like to make
two points:

1. There are a very small number of journals like Nature in its
combination of some of the best research papers published in certain
fields (learned journal) and its news and comment (magazine). I do not see
that any licence produced by Nature to cover its particular circumstances
and problems will have any impact on licenses proposed for standard
learned journals.

2. As far as I know, none of the small number of other similar
publications has found a truly satisfactory solution which enables total
content to be made accessible at what is perceived to be a reasonable
price without risking a massive loss of individual subscriptions. I know
there are differing views about the reality of the risk but those
responsible for the maintenance of revenue are surely right to be

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> It is absurd to expect an institution to buy access to part only of a
> journal, and the other part coming months later. The relevant Princeton
> selectors have decided unanimously that they will not buy under such
> terms--not even the best scientific journal in the world, and that's what
> Nature is.
> We can expect to succeed in getting Nature to continue to be a responsible
> scientific publisher and publish the entire content to all subscribers, if
> they are unable to sell it on other terms.
> I would hazard a guess that it Nature contrary to all probability actually
> succeeds in selling this plan, other publishers are likely to follow. Then
> full access to key journals will be available only to those who can afford
> personal subscriptions. I do not think that's the purpose of academic
> libraries--or any libraries.
> David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library
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