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Re: electronic of microfilm for ILL?

Seems like something we might be interested in doing, I will put it to the
membership and see what they can do in this area. Back in touch when I
have something interesting to report. Its the sort of thing that those of
you coming to our conference on 26 and 27 Feb might like to raise with the
agents and other librarians and publishers there (see
www.subscription-agents.org and click on Conference for details)

Rollo Turner
Secretary General
Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries

10 Lime Avenue
High Wycombe
Bucks HP11 1DP

Tel and Fax +44 1494 534778
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Date: 08 January 2001 14:15
Subject: Re: electronic of microfilm for ILL?

>Such a summary might be readily created by one of the subscription agents
>which has a database of publishers' licence terms.   Can the ASA help?
>Sally Morris, Secretary-General
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>Subject: Re: electronic of microfilm for ILL?
>> Almost all publishers do now permit ILL use, at least by sending paper
>> copies.  However, the variety of the restrictions has made it difficult
>> for ILL departments to keep track, and they therefore often refuse such
>> requests automatically without checking the license.  A convenient
>> summary of publishers' customary provisions would be an immense help to
>> all of us (recognizing that some individual contracts may be
>> different.).
>> David Goodman, Princeton University Biology Library
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