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how-to handbook for journal editors

To Liblicense Readers:

SPARC and the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) today launch
JOURNALS, a how-to handbook and web site that guides editors and editorial
board members of scientific journals toward responsible journal
publishing.  To see the site or download a PDF version of the handbook,
please go to: www.arl.org/sparc/DI.

As you know, many editors and editorial board members of STM journals are
unaware of the serials crisis; more to the point, they are unaware they
may be part of a journal whose high cost and unsatisfactory policies
contributes to the serials crisis.  DECLARING INDEPENDENCE presents this
issue in a straightforward way to researchers who may wonder what their
responsibilities are and how best to change the status quo.

DECLARING INDEPENDENCE is divided into three sections: the first helps
researchers determine whether or not their journal serves its community;
the second presents alternative publishing options; the third guides
researchers through an evaluation process of these alternative options.  
There are also extensive web resources and journal pricing charts included
in the appendices, along with a bibliography.

Our goal throughout was to back up librarians' excellent educational
efforts on campus.  DECLARING INDEPENDENCE is a complement to the work
many of you have already undertaken vis a vis SPARC and the Create Change

The handbook will be mailed (via traditional post) to about 1400 editors
and editorial board members of STM journals (based on the Create Change
database of the 100 most expensive journals, located at
www.createchange.org/resources/journal.html).  We are also distributing it
through scientific associations and at ALA. Each SPARC and ARL library
will receive five copies; any institution can order up to 50 additional
copies, free of charge, by sending an email to pubs@arl.org.

Thank you very much for your support. Please post this within your
institution and/or to any relevant listservs, and feel free to email me
any feedback or comments.

Alison Buckholtz
SPARC--The Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition
alison@arl.org   www.arl.org/sparc
phone: +202 296 2296