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Fw: electronic or microfilm for ILL?

The model licence drawn up jointly between UK publishers and universities
(see http://www.alpsp.org/licensing.htm) includes this provision. The
thing that really worries many publishers is the electronic distribution
of articles.

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> From: "Resnick, Rachel" <rresnick@dh.org>
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> Sent: 04 January 2001 22:13
> Subject: electronic of microfilm for ILL?
>We're under a big space crunch here, plus our staff would like electronic
>access to our subscriptions.  I'd like to switch every subscription over
>to electronic format, but I have heard that most publishers will not 
>allow a library to use the electronic format for interlibrary loan--Is
>that the general understanding among you folks, or are there particular
>publishers that give you carte blanche regardless of format?
>Accordingly, in order to comply with electronic licenses and to deal
>with our space limitations, if we are unable to use electronic
>subscriptions for ILL, I was thinking of subscribing to both electronic
>and microfilm.  Can I purchase a microfilm version, skipping the print
>altogether, or do
>most publishers insist that you purchase print and replace it with
>microfilm?  I don't want to have to buy the same journal in three
>formats--we don't have that kind of money. Is it ok to use microfilm for
>ILL if I haven't bought the print version?
>Rachel Resnick, MS
>Manager, Library Services
>Doylestown Hospital
>595 W. State St.
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>215-345-2541 (fax)