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Press Release: IDEALOnDemand

IDEAL ... Driving Research Forward

Contact: Daria DeCooman
Academic Press
(619) 699-6283

IDEALOnDemand Now Offers Pay-Per-View Access
To All Journal Articles Published on IDEAL�

San Diego, November 24, 2000 - A new pay-per-view service called
IDEALOnDemand allows access to all articles in Academic Press and Harcourt
Health Sciences journals on IDEAL, the pioneering online resource library
for science, technology and medicine (STM) researchers. IDEALOnDemand is
the only Web-based and thus instantaneous service delivering access to
original articles as they appear in electronic format on IDEAL.

Through IDEALOnDemand, journal articles on IDEAL are available to
individuals not previously authorized to access the journals via IDEAL
consortial or institutional licenses.

Each online order is payable with American Express, MasterCard, or Visa
credit cards.

When purchasing access through IDEALOnDemand, a user must select an
article, agree to terms of its use, and pay for this use. During a 24-hour
access period, the user may view the article on IDEAL and may also
download the article to his or her personal computer. The terms of use
allow printing, copying, and storing the article for personal use.

According to Chrysanne Lowe, the director of online marketing and sales at
Academic Press, "Until now, these vital research documents were available
online only by institutional license. Introducing IDEALOnDemand means
IDEAL becomes more versatile than ever, making research instantly
accessible to more scientists and professionals around the world."

Researchers from a wide range of disciplines, including researchers
affiliated with institutions licensed to IDEAL, might want to take
advantage of IDEALOnDemand. Because IDEAL licenses differ, an authorized
user such as a scientist or librarian affiliated with a licensed
institution may not be able to access all journals on IDEAL. The feature
"My Profile" - available on the IDEAL home page - can tell a user to which
journals access is authorized. To learn more about this useful profile
resource, anyone can go to <http://www.idealibrary.com> and click on "My

How can researchers learn more about IDEALOnDemand? More information
appears at <http://www.academicpress.com/www/ideal/aboutOnDemand.htm>.
Also, an IDEALOnDemand screen appears whenever a user tries to view an
article without having licensed access. This screen prompts the way
through the quick and easy electronic pay-per-view ordering process.

Any institution needing access to a number of journals on IDEAL might be
interested in the traditional IDEAL license named APPEAL (Academic Press
Print and Electronic Access License). This type of license can provide
access to all or many journals on IDEAL, as explained at

IDEAL, the International Digital Electronic Access Library, is licensed in
more than 20 countries by more than 1,700 academic institutions and
industrial and pharmaceutical companies. IDEAL offers close to 250 STM
journals published by Academic Press, W.B. Saunders, Churchill
Livingstone, Bailli�re Tindall and Mosby, as well as access to
IDEALReferenceWorks encyclopedias and SciVision's Web-based information

IDEAL is the online resource library of the Harcourt Worldwide STM Group.
Academic Press is a Harcourt Science and Technology Company and part of
Harcourt's Worldwide Scientific, Technical and Medical Group. Academic
Press is an international multiple-media publisher of high-quality
journals, book serials, major reference works, databases, textbooks and

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Harcourt, Inc., Harcourt General
(NYSE: H) is a leading global multiple-media publisher, providing
educational, training and assessment products and services to classroom,
corporate, professional, research, medical and consumer markets.

IDEAL is a registered trademark of Harcourt, Inc.

For more information about IDEAL, visit <http://www.idealibrary.com>.

This press release appears online at
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