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Re: perpetual access to licensed content

This is an issue which we considered very carefully in drafting the
'PA/JISC' model licence in the UK (see

I also touched on it in a recent piece for Serials Review entitled
'Archiving electronic publications: what are the problems and who should
solve them?'

There are actually two separate issues which are often (confusingly, in my
view) rolled together:  that of continuing access to material previously
subscribed to, after termination of the licence, and that of genuinely
long-term (who can say 'permanent'?) preservation and archival access,
e.g. from a national library or other repository.

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> I know that the issue of perpetual access to licensed electronic content
> (after the expiration of a license) has been discussed on this list.  I'm
> wondering if anyone can refer me to any articles that discuss this topic.
> Thanks.
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