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Re: Including eReserve provisions in licensing contracts

In the era of electronic journals and site license, such e-reserve
packages are technologically obsolete. If anyone is using one I suggest
the work-around of having the course web page carry the links to
subscribed content, and the e-reserve system only the rest of the

Christine Maher wrote:

> There are now commercial e-reserve packages which some academic libraries
> are using to manage their e-reserves. My library is examining the
> possibilities of these at the moment.  Apparently, some of these packages
> do not provide for links to URLs in externally-hosted services but are
> structured only to display e- documents from within the e-reserve
> programme.
> Where this situation prevails then articles from e-journals or aggregator
> services would have to be reproduced within the e- reserve domain and this
> immediately runs up against those licence provisions which forbid
> unauthorised reproduction.  In such a case it seems to me that we still
> need the provision in licences allowing for e-reserves, or alternatively
> we should exercise a great deal of caution about which e-reserve packages
> we buy.
> Christine Maher