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EASY demonstration

I am forwarding this message because it may be of wider interest.  If you
are at Online, I recommend having a look at this!

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>Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2000 15:10:26 -0000
>Subject: EASY demonstration
>From: "Sykes,J" <J.Sykes@lse.ac.uk>
>To: "'lis-London@mailbase.ac.uk'" <lis-London@mailbase.ac.uk>
>Cc: "'lamda@mailbase.ac.uk'" <lamda@mailbase.ac.uk>
>Dear all, you may know of the EASY pilot project, whereby a project team
>consisting of ingenta and ILLOS (Lancaster) is creating an experimental
>electronic article delivery service with the co-operation of a number of
>publishers (one-year project funded by JISC).
>The idea is that ILL requests for a journal article (which will go
>through the ILLOS inter-library loan management system web interface
>(ILLOS version 2) will be checked automatically against ingenta's
>journals databases (or at least those bits of it where the publishers
>have signed up to the scheme, which is currently around 16 publishers
>with a further similar number considering joining up) and if the article
>is found it will be sent electronically to the requester (who can be an
>ILL administrator or can be an end user) via email.  A further refinement
>is that if the requester's library already subscribes to the journal the
>reply will point them to that fact, thereby saving the Library from
>paying for a redundant EASY request.

>If the database does not have the article, the ILLOS system can then
>process the request in the normal way (ie to the BLDSC or to Lamda or
>whatever service the library usually uses).  Work is currently under way
>to create a corresponding service for libraries which do not use the
>ILLOS system.

>More information will be coming out in due course about this pilot
>scheme which is not yet up and running, but the purpose of this message
>is to alert you to the fact that ingenta will be demonstrating the EASY
>system at the Online exhibition in December.  So you might want to ensure
>that if you are going to Online you have a good look at it; and if you're
>not going yourself perhaps you have a member of staff who could take a
>look for you.
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