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Questia announces free trial

Questia, the online research service, is scheduled to launch in January of
next year.

Questia is designed to help students write better research papers, faster
(although others who do research--such as professors, librarians and
teachers--might find it useful as well). It includes:

--A collection of thousands of easily searchable, full-text, hyperlinked
books, journals and articles=20

--A broad set of research tools including an automatic footnote and
bibliography generator=20

--Plus much, much more!

Right now, Questia is offering a special sneak preview of the service and
a FREE one-month trial (redeemable when the site launches). We=92re trying
to get as many people as possible to enroll for the trial before the
service launches. So please click here now for complete details:

The offer ends January 7, 2001.=20

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