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UCITA Listproc

I have started a UCITA [Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act]

For a more extended discussion of UCITA (a proposed uniform law that will
affect licensing of computer information in its broadest sense), see
www.4cite.org and www.ucitaonline.com.  The act itself is 348 pages
including comments and can be found at

To subscribe, send the message:  subscribe ucita your name

to: listproc@u.washington.edu

The goal of this list is to include those from the library, consumer 
protection, contract, UCC, and IP communities to discuss this fairly narrow 
set of issues with wide-ranging implications.

- Jonathan Franklin
Jonathan Franklin
Assistant Librarian for Library Services
Gallagher Law Library
University of Washington		Tel:(206)543-4089
1100 N.E. Campus Parkway		Fax:(206)685-2165
Seattle, WA 98105-6617		jafrank@u.washington.edu