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Nature's licensing information

Since the discussion of the Nature license has been a hot topic on this
list, we're appending the publisher's September announcement, in which you
will find the link to their licensing information.  Ann Okerson


The Nature Publishing Group has launched its institutional site licenses
for our Nature titles: Nature, Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology,
Nature Genetics, Nature Immunology, Nature Medicine, Nature Neuroscience,
Nature Structural Biology, and coming in October, three new review titles
Nature Reviews Neuroscience, Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology, and
Nature Reviews Genetics.

At present, your institution has access to Nature and all of the Nature
monthly titles via user name and password. As we indicated from the start,
these were issued on a temporary basis and were intended to provide access
to our institutional subscribers until our site licenses were launched.

With an institutional site license, your institution will be able to
access each title purchased via IP authentication - no need for user names
or passwords. All of the information on site licenses including ordering
can be found at: <http://www.nature.com/help/sitelicenses>

We realize it will take your institution time to gather all the
appropriate information and place an order; as a result, your existing
user name and

password access will be valid through November 30, 2000. As of December 1,
2000 your Super IDs will expire.

You are a valuable customer to us and we look forward to a continued
working relationship.

Customer Support

Nature's worldwide offices:
London . Madrid . Paris . Munich . Moscow . New Delhi . Tokyo .
San Francisco . Washington . New York