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CNSLP Update

[Posted to multiple listservs; apologies for duplication.]

As you may recall, the CNSLP Negotiations Resource Team, whose mandate
includes the development of product/service specifications and the review
of vendor proposals, met in Vancouver from September 16-20, 2000 to
evaluate 21 bids received from pre-qualified vendors in response to the
project's first RFP.

Bids were evaluated according to a formal methodology as outlined in the
RFP.  Scoring criteria included:
-Vendor capability
-Technical support services
-Licensing Approach
-Usage Information Reporting
-Annual Price Increase Limits

In addition to these criteria, the bid evaluation formula included a
measure of the demand for the products, as reflected by institutions'
ranking of their need for each product.

Finally, a value proposition for each product was devised, by dividing the
total proposed price of the product by the number of title-years of
content, and then again by the total number of evaluation points derived
from the RFP response and the institutional demand data.  This resulted in
a ratio for each bidder that served as a unit of comparison across
products, and that identified those products that represent the highest
value for CNSLP purchasing dollars.

Next steps in the process include auditing the data collected from the
bids for completeness and accuracy, and checking all formulas and embedded
logic in the software tools used, to ensure integrity of the process and
reliability of the results.  Once the preliminary results are verified
through this audit, the Negotiations Resource Team will be bringing
forward recommendations to the CNSLP Steering Committee regarding
preferred Bidders as well as priorities for negotiations.

CNSLP looks forward to sharing more information as the project proceeds.

Best regards,

Deb deBruijn
Executive Director/Directrice generale
Canadian National Site Licensing Project
Projet canadien de licences de site nationales
Tel: (613) 562-5357
Fax:(613) 562-5195
Email: debruijn@uottawa.ca
Web: www.uottawa.ca/library/cnslp/