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Re: AIP Journals and ILL Policy

Thanks for pointing this out.  However, in looking over the institutional
user agreement for AIP journals, I notice that section 9 states : "In the
event of any discrepancy between the print and online versions, the print
version will be the official version of record."

If the aim is to encourage online-only subscriptions, will this policy

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>(Sorry for cross posting)
>I just heard that Online only for AIP journals will be 30% less
>than Print+Online in 2001 (for 2000 it was merely 20%).
>Together with the extension of the online archives back to
>1991, this is very good news but *only* if AIP changes its
>ILL policy.
>For libraries it is absolutely essential to be able to do ILL
>just as we did with our print issues (at least in the sense
>that we may print out pdf files and use these printouts for ILL).
>Otherwise Online only is no option for us. I have been told
>that AIP has already showed willingness to change its ILL
>policy for consortia agreements, and we sincerely hope that
>AIP will extend this to normal library subscriptions, too.
>Let me point out that APS already changed its licensing
>agreements to allow *printed* copies of online articles for ILL.
>This will allow us to move forward and go online only for
>Physical Review All in 2001.
>Bernd-Christoph Kaemper <kaemper@ub.uni-stuttgart.de>
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