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Re: AIP Journals and ILL Policy

	It has for almost all other publishers. It made sense when
ejournals were experimental, but not now, especially because they are
likely to contain additional content beyond the print version. I am quite
surprised AIP hasn't gotten there yet.

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On Thu, 21 Sep 2000, Garrett Eastman wrote:

> Thanks for pointing this out.  However, in looking over the institutional
> user agreement for AIP journals, I notice that section 9 states : "In the
> event of any discrepancy between the print and online versions, the print
> version will be the official version of record."
> If the aim is to encourage online-only subscriptions, will this policy
> change?
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> >(Sorry for cross posting)
> >
> >I just heard that Online only for AIP journals will be 30% less
> >than Print+Online in 2001 (for 2000 it was merely 20%).
> >Together with the extension of the online archives back to
> >1991, this is very good news but *only* if AIP changes its
> >ILL policy.
> >
> >For libraries it is absolutely essential to be able to do ILL
> >just as we did with our print issues (at least in the sense
> >that we may print out pdf files and use these printouts for ILL).
> >Otherwise Online only is no option for us. I have been told
> >that AIP has already showed willingness to change its ILL
> >policy for consortia agreements, and we sincerely hope that
> >AIP will extend this to normal library subscriptions, too.
> >
> >Let me point out that APS already changed its licensing
> >agreements to allow *printed* copies of online articles for ILL.
> >This will allow us to move forward and go online only for
> >Physical Review All in 2001.
> >
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