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Re: Are banner ads acceptable on licesnsed databases?

To All/

>>> "Dana Bostrom" <bostrom@u.washington.edu> 08/13/00 06:42AM >>>

>You were not specific in what type of ads are included.  Third party
banner ads -- advertisers like Nike or Tower Records, for example, may be
different from a journal or the University itself placing ads on the


    In a related matter, I'd be interested in individual professional 
views regarding the use of banner ads either within the database or a 
library's Web pages to promote library services, resources and collections.
 A good example might be a banner ad that alerts the user that onlline
assistance (using a MOO perhaps or other 'real-time / interactive
reference service)  is available from the library's Reference staff in
using the database.

/Gerry McKiernan
Theoretical Librarian
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011


P.S. For examples of library use of Banner Ads, please visit my new
registry BANaRAMa(sm) at


Other candidates for inclusion in BANaRAMa(sm) are most welcome !

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