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RE: Are banner ads acceptable on licensed databases?

If a database vendor is going to accept banner ads (and the subsequent
revenue such banner ads would generate), does that necessarily mean that the
increased revenue would affect/offset the price of the database?  Would the
vendor allow libraries to place their own library logos in such prominent
spots instead, as part of the cost of purchasing the database?  If the
answer to both questions is "no," then I personally would find such ads
intrusive.  Our patrons/customers/faculty/students already believe that such
services/products/resources are free and many find proprietary search terms
and strategies bothersome.  So link some of those concerns with flashy
banner ads and I assume many researchers/scholars will avoid such products
or grumble when using them. 

However, it would not surprise me if vendors accepted such ads since they
are in the business of making money.  Banner ads are already a business
response to available Web page space.  When the banner ads are intrusive and
more prominent than the product itself, then the products lose their
effectiveness.  I am more apt to ignore such products/Web sites.  Another
related issue are cookies.  Do cookies accompany the banner ads?  Would the
cookies be removed after the site is closed?  Is there such a guarantee?
What if the library's browser is set to reject sites that place cookies on
the desktop?

Mike Somers

Michael A. Somers
OPAC Librarian
(Interim Head, Systems Unit)
UNC Charlotte
J. Murrey Atkins Library

704/547-2232 (fax)

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I need your opinion. An online database vendor has asked me if librarians
would accept or object to their placing banner ads, visible to library
patrons, on licensed databases hosted by their company?

What would be your reaction? Not care; accepting; would cancel the
subscription or?  I take it that they feel they could charge lower fees if
they had the additional revenue from the ads.

What's your feeling?