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Re: Are banner ads acceptable on licesnsed databases?

Here is what our head of information services says (University of Southern

>I'm not particularly in favor of it; however, I can be bought.  If we
>could save significant $$$s, then I might reconsider. 

Carol Cubberley
Director of Technical Services/Professor
University Libraries
University of Southern Mississippi
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Hattiesburg MS 39406
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At 09:08 AM 08/11/2000 EDT, you wrote:
>I need your opinion. An online database vendor has asked me if librarians
>would accept or object to their placing banner ads, visible to library
>patrons, on licensed databases hosted by their company?
>What would be your reaction? Not care; accepting; would cancel the
>subscription or?  I take it that they feel they could charge lower fees if
>they had the additional revenue from the ads.
>What's your feeling?