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(Fwd) Re: A question of licences and Alumni members

Richard d'Avigdor said:

> John - your statement begs the question somewhat about 
> whether higher ed institutions/universities/whatever 
> we-that-sector-call-ourselves-nowadays are going to buy the 
> argument that we are players in the lifelong learning game, 
> with all it's myriad implications.

I say:

For many of us in the higher ed arena, that question has been answered
already by the larger institutions that fund our operations.  In North
Carolina, we have been told by the State to expect significant increases
in enrollment over the next decade without significant increases in
capital funding.  The solution to that problem, according to the Powers
That Be?  Distance education.  Thus, the question of whether we'll become
an institutional provider of "lifelong learning" is not one we have the
luxury of asking ourselves -- the question for us is not "whether"  but
"how".  (Of course, there's no strict logical connection between distance
ed and "lifelong learning," but in reality the two are very closely
linked.)  -------- 

Rick Anderson 
Head Acquisitions Librarian 
Jackson Library 
UNC Greensboro 
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"History has more to fear 
from an artist than a hack."
       -- Harold Evans