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Re: (Fwd) Re: A question of licences and Alumni members

Hi Richard,

You make a good point.  But I see a person registered for a course with a
university - we Poms now call them HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) -
as a 'student' who can make full use of library services.  When he/she
completes the course, access ceases; access to the honey lasts only as
long as the bee is registered.  Then alumnus access becomes irrelevant.

John Cox

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From: Richard d'Avigdor <r.davigdor@unsw.edu.au>
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Date: 19 July 2000 04:34
Subject: (Fwd) Re: A question of licences and Alumni members

Hi John et al,

Good to see the down-unders opening cans of worms as well ... (happy now,

John - your statement begs the question somewhat about whether higher ed
institutions/universities/whatever we-that-sector-call-ourselves-nowadays
are going to buy the argument that we are players in the lifelong learning
game, with all it's myriad implications.

In a way tho' it's a problem we already face - e.g. people who already
wear both student and (say) business / corporate hats. How much can we do
about which hat they are wearing when they access licenced resources?  It
is very difficult to legislate or otherwise sanction appropriate attitudes
or behaviours in individual users of licensed resources.

I, too, am most concerned (purely selfishly) that we don't get bogged down
in the labyrinthine and potentially litigious bureaucratic processes of
licence land - the process of endlessly reading and negotiating licences
often makes me feel quite ill (we certainly appreciate the Model licence
movement propelled by your good selves John and Anne).


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