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RE: Simplifying licenses

> Our view is that this arrangement is not materially 
> different than our current arrangement with Faxon to 
> acquire print materials.  

I think you're probably right about the long-term efficiencies of the
arrangement you describe, but I have to confess surprise that your UC
doesn't see a material difference between contracting with Faxon to
acquire materials and contracting with Faxon to define the terms of
IUPUI's contracts with third parties.

Are other public institutions participating in this program?

Rick Anderson
Head Acquisitions Librarian
Jackson Library
UNC Greensboro
(336) 334-5281

"If you enjoy, you understand;
if you understand, you enjoy... 
To like a football game is to 
understand it in the football way."
       -- Gertrude Stein