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Clarifying subscription fees for OED Online (USA)

Royalynn O'Connor of Oxford University Press sends the following

25 May 2000

We are nearing the end of the free-trial period for the OED & ANB online
publications and approaching the commitment date of June 9th for the North
American aggregation under the Regional Networks.

Canadian institutions are included in the aggregation via Nylink.  See:

At this time we are better able to announce the FTE fees for the OED.  
(We were going to make these announcements next week, but given the
current flurry of activity thought it best to distribute now.)

The aggregation will be at least 4,000,000 for an expected FTE fee of
$.226; we anticipate that the aggregation will make the 5,000,000 mark for
an FTE fee of $.217.

Interested academic, public, special, etc. institutions can subscribe
through the Regional Networks for the cost savings, or subscribe direct
from OUP.  Although the Regional Network fees offer roughly a 30+% savings
vs. direct subscription.

For the record with examples of institutions from previous posts:

UT Austin's subscription fee will range from $9,006 to $9,379; 
Queen's University's subscription fee will range from $3,038 to $3,164;
Notre Dame's fees will range from $2,235 to $2,328. 
Ranges assume an aggregation from 5,000,000 to 4,000,000.

We conducted extensive research during the past three years, via
workshops, questionnaires, telemarketing campaigns, conferences, and
direct one-on-one meetings with representatives of the library and
consortial communities.  The arrangement with the Regional Networks allows
OUP to maximize savings to the OED & ANB Online publications for thousands
of institutions across North America while minimizing our marketing and
sales costs.  We believe this allows us to serve the needs of thousands of
institutions across North America while minimizing our marketing and sales
costs vs. the prospect of lengthy, costly negotiations with few
(hundreds).  Of course, a one-size-fits-all approach to institutional
pricing will be met with challenges.  We are sensitive to the developments
in this area, but need to operate with our available resources.

As a note, the business model for the OED Online has subscribers
supporting the production costs of the publication, *not* the $4million
plus per year editorial expenses which are directly funded by OUP
(Although it would be nice to lessen the subsidy.)  The funded subsidy of
OED editorial development is unmatched by any other publisher commercial
or non-profit.

Please contact me directly via email if you have any questions:
Thank you.

Royalynn O'Connor
Online Product Director
Oxford University Press