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RE: Simplifying licenses

This agreement was approved by the university counsel and purchasing.

Our view is that this arrangement is not materially different than our
current arrangement with Faxon to acquire print materials.  I am not
absolutely sure this arrangement will work out over time, but I am
confident that the risk is worth the savings in our time (both for the
contract issues and for the other services Faxon can add).  I also beleive
the efficiencies that this sort of arrangement might lead to (serials
vendors represent many libraries to a publisher and many publishers to a
library) are as important in the electronic realm as they have been in the

David W. Lewis
Acting University Librarian
IUPUI University Library
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> > We have entered into 
> > an agreement with Faxon -- our primary serials vendor -- to 
> > have them manage negotiations for electronic journals.  
> Isn't it a bit unusual for a corporation to represent a state in its (the
> state's) negotiations with other corporations?  (Maybe it isn't -- I'm
> asking out of genuine ignorance here.)  David, did you have to get
> authorization from state government for this arrangement?
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