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Re: We have met the enemy...

As Joyce points out, this is a nasty choice.  Too many authors waive their
rights in order to be published in "the right" refereed journals.  There
is absolutely no need for restrictions such as these.  But when tenure is
at stake, very tempting to accept whatever terms necessary.  Those of us
who serve on editoral boards must speak up and fight for better contracts
and/or the right to negotiate without being told to take a hike.

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At 07:04 PM 5/22/00 EDT, you wrote:
>I also encountered an onerous section of the agreement for the Serials
>Librarian, which stated in effect that the terms could not be changed and
>if the author didn't like them, s/he should take their article elsewhere.
>Since I was asked to write an article for a special section, I did sign it
>but included a letter of protest and said that I would not submit an
>article to them again as long as their terms were non-negotiable.
>>From their form:
>7. NO AMENDMENTS: No amendments or modifications of the terms of this
>Agreement are permissible unless same shall be in writing and signed by a
>duly authorized officer of The Haworth Press, Inc. No Journal Editor,
>Guest Editor or Special Issue Editor is authorized to waive, amend or
>modify any of the procedures or other provisions of this Agreement. This
>form is not valid if the Author(s) add any additional constraints and/or
>amendments. Please submit the article elsewhere for publication if the
>Author(s) do not sign this agreement without alteration.
>Their form can be found at:
>Joyce L. Ogburn
>Associate Director of Libraries
>Resources and Collection Management Services
>University of Washington
>Box 352900
>Seattle WA 98195-2900
>phone: 206-685-2889; fax: 206-685-8727