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Endeavor merger / Elsevier

This just received.  I have not included the press release as I think this
letter speaks for itself (it is directed to Endeavor customers and I have
removed a few extraneous lines), and I assume you'll all see the publicity
in due course.  --pg

> Jane Burke wrote:
> [...]
> I want to let you know that I am announcing this morning at
> VUGM [user group meeting] that Endeavor has formed a strategic 
> alliance with Elsevier Science and that, by the end of April, we 
> expect to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier Science.
> First of all, let me say that our organization is remaining in
> place and focused on Voyager.  We are not reorganizing, we are
> not moving, we are not laying off staff.  Thanks to your
> support, Endeavor is very financially healthy company.  All
> Endeavor senior managers, including Cindy, Verne and myself
> have been offered employment agreements.  You know that we have
> been working hard at Endeavor, including with the enhancement
> subcommittee, to focus our enhancement efforts on the right
> stuff to make Voyager more productive for our large
> customers.
> But, more than any other group of our customers, you understand
> how quickly electronic content and traditional collection
> management are converging.  "Convergence" is not just a word --
> it is essence of what is happening in your libraries. Here at
> Endeavor we have felt the need to have a strategic partner as
> we look at how to evolve Voyager and ENCompass to really meet
> your needs.
> Both Endeavor and Elsevier are excited by this partnership.
> Endeavor will be the local systems initiative within Elsevier
> Science, working to integrate electronic content with your
> other collections.  This relationship will allow us to stay
> focused on your needs for collection management while more
> seamlessly integrating content.
> I have attached the press release announcing this new
> partnership. [....]
> Jane Burke, President and CEO
> Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
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Syracuse NY 13244-2010 315/443-5530 fax 315/443-2060 11/99nw4.4