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RE: Endeavor merger / Elsevier

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Here is the press release Peter referred to.

Elsevier Science and Endeavor To Join Forces

Date:  7 April 2000=09

DES PLAINES, IL and NEW YORK, NY.  - Endeavor Information Systems
Incorporated and Elsevier Science Inc. announced today that they have
formed an alliance that uniquely positions both companies to broaden the
delivery of electronic content throughout the academic and research
library marketplace.

The union of Elsevier Science and Endeavor capabilities will elevate the
digital library to a new level by integrating bibliographic and full-text
material including library holdings, library journal collections,
reference books and other full-text content.  Endeavor's Voyager library
management system will serve as a platform for uniting library collections
with the scientific content in Elsevier Science's primary and secondary
publications and databases.

"Integration of electronic information, such as full text of electronic
journals, has become an increasingly important part of our customers'
mission," explains Jane Burke, Endeavor's President and CEO.  "The
Endeavor/Elsevier alliance will allow both companies to broaden the scope
of this vital service."

John Regazzi, President, Elsevier Science Inc., adds, "There is a strong
complement of organizational expertise.  Endeavor has emerged very quickly
as a market leader in the areas of local and networked library management
systems and software development.  Elsevier has a strong presence in the
international academic and corporate markets and a long track record in
content development and electronic publishing innovation.  We believe this
combination will provide new and unique value to libraries."

Strong compatibility between the two companies' technology platforms and
product development efforts promises rapid rollout of integrated services. =
Seamless integration of the ScienceDirect Web editions program is
envisioned as an early application.  SD Web editions provide full-text
electronic access to the desktops of users at institutions that subscribe
to Elsevier Science print journals.  Endeavor's Voyager software will
provide seamless navigation between the library system and SD Web editions

Endeavor will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elsevier Science, and
all current management will remain in place.  Burke states, "This
transaction will not detract from our corporate focus.  Endeavor will
continue to deliver the high quality products and services to academic and
research libraries that have made us a leader in the market.  We view this
alliance as a means to provide an even greater level of integration for
electronic resources.  We are excited about this initiative and the new
services it will offer the library community."

Endeavor Information Systems Incorporated, based in Des Plaines, IL, is an
information technology company formed in September 1994 and currently
employs 131 people.  Over 650 academic and research libraries of every
size worldwide have chosen Voyager, Endeavor's high performance library

Elsevier Science is headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, with a
staff of 3,500 worldwide.  The company is the world's largest scientific,
technical and medical information provider and publishes over 1,100
journals as well as books and secondary databases.  It is a member of the
Reed Elsevier plc group, a world-leading publisher and information

Reed Elsevier plc is owned equally by Reed International P.L.C. (NYSE:
RUK)  and Elsevier NV (NYSE: ENL).  Operating in the scientific, legal and
business-to-business industry sectors, Reed Elsevier provides high value
and flexible information solutions to professional end users, with
increasing emphasis on the Internet as a delivery method.

ScienceDirect=AE, a unit of Elsevier Science, is the world's most
comprehensive full-text scientific database, offering electronic access to
journals from Elsevier Science and other leading scientific publishers as
well as an expanding suite of secondary databases.

For more information, contact:

Elsevier Science=09=09=09=09Endeavor Information Systems
John Tagler, Director=09=09=09=09Jean Velvikis
International Library Communications=09=09Marketing Manager
212 633-3780=09=09=09=09=09847 296-2200

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This just received.  I have not included the press release as I think this
letter speaks for itself (it is directed to Endeavor customers and I have
removed a few extraneous lines), and I assume you'll all see the publicity
in due course.  --pg

> Jane Burke wrote:
> [...]
> I want to let you know that I am announcing this morning at
> VUGM [user group meeting] that Endeavor has formed a strategic=20
> alliance with Elsevier Science and that, by the end of April, we=20
> expect to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Elsevier Science.
> First of all, let me say that our organization is remaining in
> place and focused on Voyager.  We are not reorganizing, we are
> not moving, we are not laying off staff.  Thanks to your
> support, Endeavor is very financially healthy company.  All
> Endeavor senior managers, including Cindy, Verne and myself
> have been offered employment agreements.  You know that we have
> been working hard at Endeavor, including with the enhancement
> subcommittee, to focus our enhancement efforts on the right
> stuff to make Voyager more productive for our large
> customers.
> But, more than any other group of our customers, you understand
> how quickly electronic content and traditional collection
> management are converging.  "Convergence" is not just a word --
> it is essence of what is happening in your libraries. Here at
> Endeavor we have felt the need to have a strategic partner as
> we look at how to evolve Voyager and ENCompass to really meet
> your needs.
> Both Endeavor and Elsevier are excited by this partnership.
> Endeavor will be the local systems initiative within Elsevier
> Science, working to integrate electronic content with your
> other collections.  This relationship will allow us to stay
> focused on your needs for collection management while more
> seamlessly integrating content.
> I have attached the press release announcing this new
> partnership. [....]
> Jane Burke, President and CEO
> Endeavor Information Systems, Inc.
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