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Re: Antw: Comparing Publishers, was: Re: Cambridge Journals Online

As one who works at a small-to-medium academic library without a lot of $$
and with the prospect of a static budget, I would like to respond to parts
of your question:

> 2. How do you rate the following options?
> 	-print with a small, supplemental online fee (Karger's current
>	policy) 

REPLY:  we can't afford this and would not spend the extra $$ for online

>	-print only - (resp.) that is status quo
>	-online only - (resp.) that is a favored option depending upon
>	archiving, perpetual access, and the type of license available
>	-online with a surcharge for multiple simulataneous users -

REPLY:  not a real option for us because of distance learners who need
remote authentication

> 3. If given the option of online only (which some publishers offer), would
> you rush to convert all of your subscriptions or does the hard copy
> still play a vital role?

REPLY:  We would not "rush" to convert all our subscriptions to online --
the hard copies are still important, especially since accessibility,
archiving, perpetual access to subscribed information, and corporate
stability are still questions which are far from resolved!

P Picerno
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