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Antw: Comparing Publishers, was: Re: Cambridge Journals Online

D. Goodman wrote:

>My personal practice as a selector is to not pay additional fees for
>marginal journals, but to generally seek the cheapest way of getting the
>content.  The advantage of pricing separately for print and online is that
>if the cost for online only or print only is a little less, I can get more
>of my marginal titles and the publisher can get more subscriptions to
>them. But for the really important titles, the price is the price of the
>package, divided or not.

I have a  some question for our library partners out there....
1. What type of pricing structure is ideal for you?
2. How do you rate the following options?
         -print with a small, supplemental online fee (Karger's current policy)
         -print only
         -online only
         -online with a surcharge for multiple simulataneous users
3. If given the option of online only (which some publishers offer), would you rush to convert all of your subscriptions or does the hard copy 
still play a vital role?

I guess what I am wondering is whether it all comes down to cost or if
your data delivery strategy plays a big part as well. Your comments are

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