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Re: Elsevier Web Editions license

On Mon, 31 Jan 2000, David Goodman wrote:

> Can you count on a 7.5% increase in budget each year? If not, this plan
> will gradually come to use up your total budget. Also, supopose at the end
> of your contract the publisher says, OK for another 3 years, but now the
> increase will be 15% a year. If you had been getting individual titles,
> you could then have cancelled a few of them, but not with this.
> David Goodman

That's the easy part.  In order to take advantage of this service, we 
have to get a "guarantee" from our administrations that the necessary 
7.5% will be forthcoming during the course of the contract.  In our case, 
we've already identified a funding source for at least 4 years and 
it's not even out of our regular budget.  Also, I haven't looked at the 
potential agreement with a fine-tooth comb yet to determine some of the 
nuances.  Once we are convinced this is what we want to do, we will fine 
tune the agreement.  I'm not even sure what the length of the contract 
would be. If it's only a year, then we could always cancel if funds dried 

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