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Re: Library logos for web resources

At 07:51 PM 1/31/00 -0500, you wrote:

>But to spend millions on resources and then have so few of our users grasp
>that they are "in" the library and we're paying for these very expensive
>resources seems foolhardy.
>To those who attended the Academic Press luncheon at midwinter, when I
>brought the topic up there, AP couldn't have been more open and positive
>about it. Ditto though to a lesser extent Chadwyck-Healey. J.  Curtis at
>Springer seemed amenable as did Adam Chandler at Kluwer. In short, I've
>run into no big resistance -- but is the fight worth it?
>Has anyone out there had any experience? Thoughts?
>Peter McDonald
>Collection Development
>Syracuse University Library
>Tel# 315-443-2977

The American Astronomical Society has a "splash screen " which appears
once at the beginning of a session which tells the user that she or he is
accessing the journal through a subscription to "XYZ" library. This isn't
the library logo, but it seems to help.

It is hard for our astronomical users to recognize when they go from the
NASA supported abstract search engine to the full text pages which the
library pays for. I think it would behoove all information providers to
put such a screen in place so that users don't think everything is free on
the Web -- or government supported.

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