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Library consortia and e-resource vendors/publishers

Someone suggested that I re-send the following note, as I originally sent it
fairly close to ALA Midwinter. (I have to admit that I did receive an awful
lot of "out-of-office" replies).

Anyway, I am still very interested in your thoughts on the issue.


Bernie Sloan

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> Sent:	Thursday, January 13, 2000 3:53 PM
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> Subject:	Library consortia and e-resource vendors/publishers
> I've been involved with library consortia for about 25 years. For the past
> 10 years I've been involved with selecting and purchasing electronic
> resources for library consortia.
> From my experience, e-resource vendors and publishers understand consortia
> better than they did ten years ago. But I have the impression that there
> is still a fair amount that vendors and publishers don't understand about
> consortia. I don't necessarily mean that as a negative comment about
> vendors/publishers. Consortia can be difficult to understand if you have
> no direct experience in that area.
> I'm doing some research into the relationships between consortia and
> vendors/publishers, and I'd like to get some input from practitioners:
> 1. If you're affiliated with an e-resource vendor or publisher, are there
> things you'd like to understand better about consortia?
> 2. If you're affiliated with a library consortium, are there things that
> you wish publishers/vendors understood better about consortia?
> Thanks!
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