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New consortia column in Library Journal--ideas and contributors welcome

From: Norman Oder/Evan St. Lifer -- Library Journal

Beginning with its March 15 issue, Library Journal will be launching a
regular column, "The New Consortia," to reflect the evolution and growth
of an emerging buying and business model for libraries. In order to cover
the issue of consortia from all angles, we envision multiple contributors,
among them consortia directors, library directors, vendors, and

Possible topics include:
	--how a consortium addressed/resolved a governance/purchasing issue
	--how a library manages multiple consortial memberships
	--how pricing questions are resolved
	--how a vendor/publisher deals with different consortia

We welcome your suggestions for column ideas and contributors. Column length
will be 1000 to 2000 words. 

We will post this message on the lib-license and mcb-lcm-forum listservs,
but you are otherwise welcome to circulate this message. Thanks in advance. 

Norman Oder
Associate Editor
Library Journal
Phone: 212-463-6829
Email: noder@lj.cahners.com

Evan St. Lifer
Executive Editor
Library Journal
245 W. 17th St.. NYC, 10011
Phone: 212-463-6817
Email: Estlifer@cahners.com