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Good thougtful post: Re: STM April white paper comments

I enjoyed reading your discussion of the STM white paper and would like to 
read the paper.  I don't know if I agree with what you wrote but you surely 
put some thought into it.  Do you have a http for the paper?
Thank you

MODERATORS NOTE:  We repeat here the URL given for this paper a few weeks
ago.  We also would like to pass on the request of the STM and the STM
Library Relations Committee for comments.  The Committee is seeking
feedback and dialog with the library community.  Peter Graham's reply is
an example of such thoughtful, high quality feedback.  We welcome others'
contributions as well.

STM Library Relations Comittee. "Publisher/Library Relationships in the
Digital Environment."  (This URL will download a MS Word file to your
desktop)  <>