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Library Job Opportunities

The following international academic library job opportunities 
may be of interest to readers of LIBLICENSE-L:

*Library Job Opportunities*

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is an 
international graduate-level research university dedicated to 
advancing science and technology through bold and collaborative 
research and addressing challenges of regional and global 
significance, thereby serving the Kingdom, the region and the 

KAUST faculty is engaged in such globally significant areas as 
energy, water, and food. In addition, KAUST emphasizes research 
on the environment and the Red Sea. Computational science and 
engineering enable all its research activities.

To support the research activities of the university, KAUST 
Library has the following job opportunities available:

* Acquisition Specialist

* Digital Archive (Institutional Repository) Specialist

* Learning Resources Specialist

* Metadata (Cataloging) Specialist

* Science & Technology Subject Specialist

KAUST's globally competitive pay structure is the core of its 
Total Rewards package. Salaries are offered on a graded system 
that includes all positions within the University.

*All applications must be received through the on-line 
application process found at http://www.kaust.edu.sa/.  * 
Applications for the positions are accepted on a continuing basis 
until the positions are filled. However, preference is given for 
applications received before August 1, 2010.

KAUST is located on the Red Sea in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (80km 
north of Jeddah). Newly opened in September 2009, KAUST is an 
independent and merit-based university and welcomes exceptional 
researchers, faculty, and students from around the world. KAUST 
offers attractive base salaries and a wide range of benefits. 
Further information about KAUST can be found at