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Thermopedia News Release



Multimedia capabilities enhance the usability and experience for 
faculty, students, and practitioners

Redding, CT -- April 16, 2009 -- Begell House Publishers, an 
established source of scholarly publications in science and 
engineering, introduces THERMOPEDIA (www.thermopedia.com), a 
powerful, new web-based research tool that is a guide to concepts 
and gateway to a number of journals and reference works in the 
field of heat and mass transfer, fluid flow and thermodynamics. 
THERMOPEDIA's video demonstrations and animated 3DMax images in 
selected works help to illustrate specific concepts, making it a 
valuable resource to enhance the classroom experience for both 
faculty and students.

Beyond the fundamental topics, details of industrial processes 
and plants as well as equipment involving fluid mechanics and 
heat transfer are also included. This extensive and wide coverage 
is appropriate for practitioners in general engineering 
(chemical, civil, mechanical, industrial), chemical process 
design and operation, environmental, power generation 
(conventional and nuclear) and energy use and conservation.

Forward and backward links, an A-Z index and an advanced search 
engine that provides a unique view of the entire literature 
database via a "Map" feature (www.thermopedia.com/map) make 
navigating easy. Users can start their research by clicking on a 
specific heading on the map and two additional functions allow 
them to continue drilling down depending on the level of 
information required: 1) "Following From" includes additional 
links to the specific subject area being researched and 2) 
"Leading To" provides links to sub-topics that are related to the 
particular article that users are currently viewing. Additional 
online features include continual editorial updates and links to 
full text articles in HTML, XML or PDF formats.

THERMOPEDIA is based on the highly respected International 
Encyclopedia of Heat and Mass Transfer (IEHMT) which was 
published in 1997 and has been widely used by practitioners. The 
structure of IEHMT made it ideally suitable for its redesign as 
both a web-based product and a gateway to other resources. 
Yelena Shafeyeva, Begell House Publisher & CEO commented, "We're 
pleased to offer such a unique product in the field of heat and 
mass transfer.  No other single resource covers this range of 
topics in such depth and presents them dynamically."  Ms. 
Shafeyeva continued, "We are also very proud to have an editorial 
board that consists of scholars and researchers at many of the 
leading academic research institutions from around the world."

Libraries have the option to take a 30-day free trial and four 
flexible subscription options are available. A number of 
enhancements are already planned such as eLectures - a series of 
PowerPoint based teaching tools, links to other publishers' 
content and conversion of additional data into multimedia graphs.

About Begell House

Founded in 1991 by William Begell, a distinguished engineer, 
researcher and publisher, Begell House specializes in publishing 
content in the nano, biomedical and mechanical engineering 
fields.  Begell House currently publishes 32 journals and a 
series of electronic reference works. Additional information is 
available at www.begellhouse.com.

Mark Mandelbaum
(203) 938-1300