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Important information regarding journal transfers to SAGE in 2008

***Apologies for cross-posting***

In 2008, 26 journals are moving to SAGE and will be available 
electronically on SAGE Journals Online, SAGE's online journal 
delivery platform.

If your library has access to one or more of these journals 
through your participation in a consortial network, please 
contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can ensure 
your access is uninterrupted.

To view a list of journals moving to SAGE in 2008 please visit 
http://secured.sagepub.com/consortiatitles.html and fill out the 
form to ensure your continued access. We will let you know once 
your online access has been activated and will contact you to 
discuss your subscription/access options now that these journals 
are published by SAGE.

Questions from Customers in North America contact:

Questions from Customers in Rest of World contact:

King regards,
SAGE Marketing

Valerie Johns
Associate Director
Journals Marketing