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RE: Harvard Faculty Adopts OA Requirement

>> Stuart M. Shieber, a professor of computer science at Harvard, 
>> . . .  that we want and should have more control over how our 
>> work is used . . .

Let us only hope that he was misquoted.

- Laval Hunsucker
Universiteitsbibliotheek U. van Amsterdam


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Subject: Re: Harvard Faculty Adopts OA Requirement

I have googled to find the actual resolution that was voted on 
but to no avail though a lot of people seem to have commented. 
How do they know? There is mention of a waiver which is 
presumably an opt-out but if there is a mandate and a waiver is 
that not a recommended but not mandated arrangement. Scholars are 
encouraged to deposit but they may decide not to - or is this 
something different?

Anthony Watkinson

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> I'm confused: the last paragraph talks about Harvard authors 
> publishing in journals that permit posting online AFTER 
> publication. But isn't the Harvard policy to post authors' 
> articles BEFORE publication in journals? Do the Harvard faculty 
> know exactly what it is they voted for?
> Sandy Thatcher
> Penn State University Press
>>Chronicle of Higher Education
>>February 12, 2008
>>Harvard Faculty Adopts Open-Access Requirement
>>Harvard University's faculty this evening adopted a policy that
>>requires faculty members to allow the university to make their
>>scholarly articles available free online.
>>Peter Suber, an open-access activist with Public Knowledge, a
>>nonprofit group in Washington, said on his blog that the new policy
>>makes Harvard the first university in the United States to mandate
>>open access to its faculty members' research publications.
>>Stuart M. Shieber, a professor of computer science at Harvard, who
>>proposed the policy to the faculty, said after the vote in a news
>>release that the decision "should be a very powerful message to the
>>academic community that we want and should have more control over
>>how our work is used and disseminated."
>>The new policy will allow faculty members to request a waiver, but
>>otherwise they must provide an electronic form of the article to the
>>provost's office, which will place it in an online repository.
>>The policy will allow Harvard authors to publish in any journal that
>>permits posting online after publication. According to Mr. Suber,
>>about two-thirds of pay-access journals allow such posting in online
>>repositories. --Lila Guterman
>>copyright 2008 CHE