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Elsevier Foundation Announces Grants

Elsevier Foundation Announces Grants for Innovative Libraries and 
New Scholars

Awardees set example for innovation in developing countries and 
the academic workplace

New York, February 13, 2008 - The Elsevier Foundation has 
announced today that it has committed a total of $594,000 in 
grants to thirteen institutions from around the world in support 
of initiatives that promote the work of libraries and scholars in 
science, technology and medicine. The recipient programs were 
selected from over 150 applicants worldwide for their innovation 
and potential for impact in the developing world and the academic 

Six grants have been awarded under the Elsevier Foundation's 
program for Innovative Libraries in Developing Countries, which 
helps libraries build their capacity to use scientific, technical 
and medical information to promote health and economic 
advancement in the developing world.  This year's awardees 
include institutions working in Africa, Latin America and Asia to 
improve access to scientific information, develop information 
resources, and train librarians and researchers on how to use and 
deploy information for patient care, health research, HIV/AIDS, 
disaster preparedness, and agricultural development.

Under its New Scholars program, the Elsevier Foundation has 
awarded seven grants in support of initiatives that help scholars 
balance childcare and family responsibilities during the early 
stages of their demanding careers in science and technology. 
The awardees represent a range of institutions that are 
pioneering new approaches to childcare, mentoring, networking and 
participation in scholarly meetings.

"The Elsevier Foundation is always seeking out new ideas and 
models to advance the role of science, technology and medicine in 
addressing critical human needs," said Y.S. Chi, Vice Chairman of 
Elsevier. "Whether they are working to put essential scientific 
information to work in the developing world or helping to 
encourage and support a new generation of scholars, we are 
fortunate to have the opportunity to help these committed 
institutions to create new solutions to some of the world's most 
important challenges."

The Elsevier Foundation provides grants to institutions around 
the world, with a focus on support for the world's libraries and 
for scholars in the early stages of their careers.  Since its 
inception, the Foundation has awarded more than 50 grants worth 
over a million dollars to non-profit organizations working in 
these fields. Through gift-matching, the Foundation also supports 
the efforts of Elsevier employees to play a positive role in 
their local and global communities. The Elsevier Foundation is 
funded by Elsevier, a leading global publisher of scientific, 
technical and medical information products and services.

For more information please visit 
<http://www.elsevierfoundation.org/> .

Daviess Menefee
Library Relations