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Canada-Federal court rules law books' copyright infringed by libraries'

Canada: Publishers' licence bid gets boost
By CAROLINE ALPHONSO AND PAUL WALDIE, Globe and Mail.com, May 16, 2002 -
Print Edition, Page B2

Federal court rules law books' copyright infringed by libraries'


Legal publishers hope they can use a recent federal court ruling to stop
law libraries across the country from photocopying and charging fees for
parts of law books without a licence agreement. In a 132-page decision
released on Tuesday, the Federal Court of Appeal said the Law Society of
Upper Canada -- the governing body of Ontario lawyers -- had infringed
copyrights of three legal publishers by selling their work without a
licence. The publishers included CCH Canadian Ltd., Canada Law Books Inc.
and Carswell, a division of Thomson Canada Ltd. "I expect that this ruling
will be a wake-up call to anyone who is infringing on copyright," Ian
Rhind, president of CCH Canadian, said yesterday.

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