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Re: ALPSP creates model Grant of License for journal articles

Is it really necessary for the license to be exclusive...what if it were
first rights to publish the article, then thereafter non-exclusive rights,
so that the author has more room for re-licensing after first publication in
any medium?

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Subject: ALPSP creates model Grant of License for journal articles

> Sally Morris, Secretary-General of ALPSP, sends the following message:
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> Subject: ALPSP creates model Grant of Licence for journal articles
> Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:01:39 -0000
> After considerable helpful discussion with members of its Copyright
> Committee and others, ALPSP (the Association of Learned and Professional
> Society Publishers) has come up with a model 'Grant of Licence' form for
> journal articles, for use in cases where the publisher do not feel they
> have to acquire copyright, but nevertheless want to secure their rights as
> far as is reasonable.
> We believe that this may be a step forward in establishing the most
> author-friendly possible policies (the need for which was clearly
> highlighted by our research study, What Authors Want) and we hope that
> others will feel free to use it as a source document for their own
> journals (the bits in square brackets are intended to be optional;  in
> particular, it is unclear whether or not Moral Rights apply in the UK, but
> the lawyers among us have suggested that it may be safer to include it
> explicitly).  We shall be adopting it for ALPSP's own journal, Learned
> Publishing.
> I should also be very interested in any comments on the document.  Please
> do also feel free to let others know about it, point to it on our website
> (www.alpsp.org.uk) or whatever!
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