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when an online j. changes publisher

We are in the throes of implementation of access to Elsevier

I would like to raise the story of the journal "Mathematical Programming".
My library has been a subscriber to this since its inception.  The journal
is run by the Society for Mathematical Programming, and Elsevier has
always been the publisher until quite recently when the society decided
the price had gone too high.  They ended up having Springer publish it,
the change took effect Jan 1999.  Springer did lower the price a couple
hundred dollars.

When I first tested this journal in ScienceDirect, I found I could access
the backfile.  Perhaps the initial list Els. had of our subs was dated.

I presented them with some corrections to the current subscription list,
and next thing, no access to Math Prog.    We can access the few current
issues which are up on Springer.

So, the point is, Elsevier has no current subscribers to that journal.
Does it mean that those papers are only available via some eventual
pay-per-view?  What about this abandoned puppy?

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