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Re: when an online j. changes publisher (fwd)

For at least some of the journals they publish for societies, the society
owns the content. As I understand it, their policy only applies when they
own the content--how could it be otherwise?  Can the publisher at least
give a list of those titles for which it is the case, because libraries
might need to keep paper copies of those.

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Jane Holmquist wrote:
> an archive-related question about Elsevier titles...
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> Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 08:32:15 -0500
> From: Carol Hutchins <ch3@scires.acf.nyu.edu>
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> Subject: when an online j. changes publisher
> We are in the throes of access implementation to ScienceDirect.
> I would like to raise the story of the journal "Mathematical Programming".
> My library has been a subscriber to this title since year 1.  It is run by
> the Society for Mathematical Programming, and Elsevier has been its
> publisher from the outset.
> Couple of years ago the society decided not to continue with Elsevier, on
> account of the price.  Springer eventually became the publisher, and they
> did manage to lower the price a few hundred; I watched for that.
> When I first tested this journal in ScienceDirect, I found that I could
> display the online issues, which go back there to 1996.  I imagine the
> initial list Elsevier used to indicate subscribers was slightly outdated.
> I presented them some corrections to the subscription list and next thing:
> no access.    (We can access the issues online with Springer.)
> So, the question is in essence, Elsevier has no current subscribers to
> that journal.  Does it mean those papers are only available through some
> eventual pay-per-view?
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